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Mythology Meme: 3/3 - Mythological Places : Irkalla

The Sumerian netherworld was a place for the bodies of the dead to exist after death, ruled by Ereshkigal. One passed through the seven gates on their journey through the portal to the netherworld leaving articles of clothing and adornment at each gate. There was a guardian at each gate to extract a toll for one’s passage and to keep one from going the wrong way. The living spirits of the dead are only spoken of in connection with this netherworld when someone has been placed here before they are dead or wrongly killed and can be saved. The bodies of the dead decompose in this afterlife, as they would in the world above.


Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2014 Review | Paris Fashion Week

Fallen trees, patchy earth and dried moss lie in a field in the middle of nowhere, smoke wreathing from the ground. It looked as if it were some sort of atomic wasteland, the apocalyptic aftermath of a war. The setting of Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2014 was like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The haunting soundtrack muffled in the background was “Earth Intruders” by Bjork. It was an eerie scene where one surely could get abducted by aliens.

This clash was between prehistoric cave women wrapped in primitive and exotic furs versus the alien princesses clad in futuristic feathers, galactic embroideries and sparkly moon boots. The models all had hauntingly white faces but the differences between them were manifested in the makeup. Sparkling eyes with yellow, silver and white highlights contrasted the feral bushy eyebrows with grey undertones. Battle hair was braided and twisted, spiraling along the scalp.

The clothing was just as impressive as the scenery and details. The collection consisted of Edwardian high neck collars, empire waistlines, long coats completely draped with feathers, and untamed fur hoods. Broderie anglaise was decorated with starscapes, galaxies and astronomical designs such as stars and moons. The savage women wore bracelets with ivy leaf chain mail that enveloped the entire hand. The collection lacked color for the most part consisting mostly of blacks, whites and grays, but some final looks included extreme violet, bloodstain red, and musty teal.

The show’s overall occult feel has topped everything that Sarah Burton has done since taking hem of the label. Intense details, magical hair and makeup and the medley between haute couture and RTW, gave me a glimmering reminder of the late McQueen. The apocalyptic energy was apparent and the collection itself was romantically dark, a theme embedded in the cult of McQueen.

Written by Taylor Aube. Images via Vogue Italia and StyleBistro

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