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Working on my Atticus costume. Need to up the crazy factor on the hair, though it’s certainly got the height. Need to pick up a tie and some glasses. I even got his penchant for mismatching color details down, as the pinstripes on the pants are purple while the pinstripes on the vest are red. :)

Edit: I just realized y’all might not even know I have a large tattoo on my inner forearm, since I take all my mirror pics with my right hand. Surprise!! :D I’ve also got a scarab on the back of my neck, and a dinosaur on my left ankle. Ooooooh! Let’s do a tattoo post! *skitters away*

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    Thank you, sweetheart! :) Update on the Atticus costume: I picked up a pair of 1x magnification reading glasses last...
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    Holy MOLY sexy
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